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Tyre and Tire RecyclingTyre and Tire Recycling - Tyre and tire recycling for the UK & USA, but mostly for the USA. As well as covering tire recycling companies we also have information on tire recycling equipment, used tire recycling & scrap tire recycling.

Tire recycling (Click to enlarge)
Tire recycling

Here is a list of some tire recycling equipment available to buy if you are interested in the tire recycling business. Different machinery used for scrap tire recycling.

Tire Recycling Equipment


Alpine Rotoplex Granulator

Listing Number: TWL010206

This granulator was previously used in a crumb system. It is powered by a 125-hp electric motor. Includes electrical box and new cutting blades. Can also process fiber, film, purgings, wire and cable, and many more difficult materials at a capacity rate of 3300 lbs. per hour.

Tire recycling equipment granulator (Click to enlarge)
Tire recycling equipment - Granulator

$95,000.00 (Asking Price)
$150,000.00 (New)
Contact Trans World Equipment Sales for buying and delivery options

Cryogenic Systems

C200107 Complete Cryogenic System

Listing Number: TWC200107

This system consists of two lines, each producing 3000-4000 pounds per hour. Several screens and pulverizers to produce minus 14 to minus 80 mesh from 1" nominal chips. System includes: two Pulva Model D hammermills, one Enviro Dynamics dryer, one BM&M two-deck screener with four screens, one Praxair 18" precooler, one Praxair upright precooler, two three-deck screeners, three large-capacity screw hoppers, one large capacity hopper with drag chain assembly, one 350-hp grinder, one 250-hp grinder, one Magna Tech double rotor hammermill, two talc feeders, one meter-controlled feed hopper, two 20' stainless steel screws, one double drum + magnet, two Kinergy vibrating separator, one Minox three-deck screen system, one 36' flat conveyor, one 120' screw conveyor, one 30' screw conveyor, eleven 20' screw conveyors, one 10' screw conveyor, two stainless steel airlocks, nine 10"-diameter rotary airlocks, four 16" rotary airlocks, assorted conveyors, several unused screens, 2000cpm baghouse, Kramer baghouse.

Tire recycling machinery (Click to enlarge)
Tire recycling machinery

$975,000.00 (Asking Price)
Contact company for buying and delivery options

All prices and information on this page was submitted on November 2007 - Check product source for any changes.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Trans World Equipment Sales - Different tire recycling equipment and machinery, check characteristics prices and photos. Contact company for buying and delivering options. www.twequip.com

Eagle International, LLC - A major U.S. manufacturer of quality tire recycling equipment with representation in the U.S. and international markets. www.eagle-equipment.com

The Recycling Consultants - New and used tire recycling equipment and machinery. Free shipping in 48 US states. www.recyclingtires.com

Worldwide Recycling Equipment, LLC - Tire recycling equipment and machinery. Contact company for buying and delivery options. www.wwrequip.com

MMH Recycling Systems - Specialists in tire recycling equipment and machinery for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metal, rubber tyres, cable, aluminum, mercury etc. From UK, international distributions. www.mmhrecsys.co.uk

Check some recycling plants for scrap tires and used tires. More information about tire recycling here.

Cutters and Shredders

TC1000 Tread Cutter

  • 150 Treads per hour (tread cut into 3 pieces).
  • Steel belted or bias-ply treads.
  • Cuts passenger and most light truck tires.
  • 110 volt power (air compressor not required).
  • Long lasting hardened cutting discs.
  • Portable (250 lbs).

Scrap tire recycling tread cutter
Scrap tire recycling - Tread cutter

(Free Shipping in 48 US States)
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Portable Shredder

Listing Number: TWI280107

This low-speed, high-torque Eidal Model 62x41 portable shredder has a chamber opening of 62"x41", 2" new knives, with a 525 KYB hydraulic system powered by a Cummins Model 360 diesel engine. Includes infeed hopper, discharge hopper, mounted on dual axle trailer. Very good condition. Applications: Tires, plastic PVC, lead batteries, 55-gallon barrels, aluminum scrap, wood, steel scrap #16, computers & hard drives.

Used tire recycling shredder (Click to enlarge)
Used tire recycling - Shredder

$94,500.00 (Asking Price)
Contact Worldwide Equipment for buying and delivery options
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