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Used tires

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Scrap tires

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Tyres - Recycled product

Tyre and tire recycling for the UK & USA, but mostly for the USA. As well as covering tire recycling companies we also have information on tire recycling equipment, used tire recycling & scrap tire recycling.

Tyre and Tire Recycling

This page contains mainly information on UK tyre recycling, but the rest of the site is on USA tire recycling

Recycling tires reduces pollution and energy consumption. Finding new uses for used tires is the most beneficial use of scrap tires, followed by retreading old tires. Grinding tyres down to crumb rubber to be used to make new products is the next best option because it keeps the material around to be recycled yet again. Greater one-time energy savings can be realized by burning tyre chips for fuel, but that obviously forecloses further recycling opportunities. Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Scrap tire recycling (Click to enlarge)
Scrap tire recycling

Next are some companies dedicated to tyre recycling in UK. Check also some tire recycling equipment.

Tyre Recycling Companies

McGrath Group

Tyre recycling
Tyre recycling

The McGrath Group is a large waste management, recycling and demolition company in the South East. Services include light/lamp disposal & recycling, recycled aggregates, skip hire, tyre collectors, and tyre re-processors / re-treaders.

"We set ourselves high standards and we aim to deliver the highest possible levels of service... ...In areas such as tyre recycling we are already near 100% recycling rate and we continually strive to reduce the amount of waste that is taken to landfill".

Contact Information:
McGrath House
Hepscott Road
London, E9 5HH

Phones: 020 8985 5000 (General Enquiries)
e-mail: info@mcgrathgroup.co.uk

Tire RecyclingTire Recycling - Check here some tire recycling companies in USA. Plants dedicated to collect and recycle waste, used & scrap tires. Approximately one tire is discarded per person per year.

Tire Recycling EquipmentTire Recycling Equipment - Here is a list of some tire recycling equipment available to buy if you are interested in the tire recycling business. Different machinery used for scrap tire recycling.

Used Tire RecyclingUsed Tire Recycling - Information about used tire recycling and a list of companies dedicated to tire recycling in United States of America. Also links to directory of companies.

Scrap Tire RecyclingScrap Tire Recycling - Check more companies dedicated to scrap tire recycling here. Information about recycling process and some companies dedicated to recycle scrap tires using pyrolysis and other technologies.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Tyrecycling Solutions Ltd - Manufacture a range of products from high quality tyre crumb produced from end of life tyres. www.tyrecycling.co.uk

Ohio Department Natural Resources - Scrap tire recycling in Ohio State. Also information about tire recycling. www.dnr.state.oh.us

McGrath - Waste management solutions, including tyre recycling in UK. www.mcgrathgroup.co.uk

RMA - Retread Manufacturers Association for tye recycling specialists in UK. www.retreaders.org.uk

Credential Environmental - A UK waste tyre collection company. Services include used, scrap tyre recycling. www.tyrecollection.com

Lets Recycle - Recycling and waste directory containing contact details for businesses offering recycling and waste managemement services, vehicles and equipment in UK, Ireland and other parts of the World. www.letsrecycle.com

More Tyre Recycling Companies

Retread Manufacturers Association (RMA)

Used tire recycling (Click to enlarge)
Used tire recycling

RMA is the nationally recognized trade association for UK manufacturers of commercial vehicle and passenger car retreaded tyres.

"Through our Green Dealer Scheme we promote the safety, economic and environmental benefits of retreaded tyres".

Contact Information:
PO Box 320
Cheshire CW2 6WY

Phone: 01270 561014 / 01270 668801 (Fax)
e-mail: rma@greentyres.com

Credential Environmental

Tire recycling plants (Click to enlarge)
Tire recycling plants

"We collect and recycle all forms of post consumer waste tyres nationally and can promise an efficient, reliable and fully compliant solution to your tyre recycling requirements".

Contact Information:
House, St. Cuthbert's Way
Aycliffe Industrial Park
Newton Aycliffe DL5 6DX

Tel: 01325 379020 / 01325 379036 (Fax)
e-mail: mailto:info@credenv.com

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